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tv   Russian President Vladimir Putin on Coronavirus Response  CSPAN  March 26, 2020 5:05am-5:25am EDT

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96-0. the plan has four main components. direct cash payments to individuals, federal relief for small businesses, targeted lending to industries impacted by the pandemic, and funding for hospitals and health centers. the house is expected to take up the bill when they return friday at 9:00 eastern. watch live gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house when they return on c-span. >> russian president vladimir putin delivered remarks on his country's response to the coronavirus pandemic. he talked about steps his government was taking to provide economic relief, including bolstering social safety net programs, providing direct cash payments to families, and boosting small and medium businesses. president putin also announced the country would delay voting
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on reforms to the russian constitution that included a measure that could extend vladimir putin's term in office through 2036. russian]ing president putin: we cannot block the spread of the disease. due to objective reasons. but we already do a lot. we work professionally in an organized manner, we work proactively to deal with the problem and our priorities here,
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the health of our people. we deployed a highly efficient system for preventive treatment and diagnosis. we are applying everything we have. nurses, doctors, health care professionals, working in hospitals, emergency units, and scientists as well. you are on the front line today. i would like to thank every one of you for your committed and dedicated work. i urge everyone to follow strictly the suggested regulations and ways of
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protecting yourself. especially so for the high-risk groups, elderly population and people with chronic diseases. for them as for every other citizen it is our primary concern today to lower the risk as much as possible. of course we cannot but make the question of the amendments vote. we have established it will take place on the 22nd of april. you know how serious i am about this vote. i will of course ask you to come and cast your votes on this critical issue for our country, for our society. however, as i said before, our absolute priority is the health of our people. their safety. that is why i believe that we need to postpone the vote. we will assess the situation in the regions of russia and based on professional expertise of our doctors and scientists, we will
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make the decision when to have that vote on the amendments to the constitution. right now it is important to prevent fast spread of the disease. that is why i'm announcing the next week as the week that will not see anyone working and every one will have their salaries. so up to april 5, no one will be working. of course all the critical services including medical institutions, pharmacies, stores, banking institutions, transportation institutions, as well as government and municipal authorities will continue working. that will be one week free of work. that is what we are doing to stop the disease from spreading. i call upon everyone in russia.
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let's not work hoping, fingers crossed, that the situation will resolve itself. let's not think it will never go as far as you. no. it can affect you. it can affect everyone. we see what is happening in the world. in europe. that can be our future if we do not act. we need to follow every recommendation out there. we need to care about ourselves, about our relatives and families. let's be disciplined. let's be responsible. believe me, the safest way is to stay at home. on a separate note, i would like to dwell on the current social and economic situation. we need to apply more efforts to ensure social guarantees for the people, that people will not lose their income, will not lose their jobs. we need to support small and
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medium sized companies because millions of people are employed in that sector. in that context i am announcing a number of measures to take place. first, all social benefits for people that are expected to be given in the next six months will be prolonged automatically. you will not need to present any additional document, you will not need to attend any institutions and let me give you an example. if you're entitled to discounts on utility, you will not need to confirm your current income to get that discount. also, the benefit payments to veterans of war and labor, 75,000 and 50,000 rubles, are to be delivered before the holidays which are due in may.
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we will also support vulnerable -- we will also support families with children in the next three months, starting with april, we will be paying to every family who are entitled to maternity capital additional 5,000 rubles per month for every child younger than three years, three years included. that kind of support will be important for the families whose children are not going to kindergarten today or nursery. for families where parents are currently on medical leave or on vacation to care for their children. for additional benefits for the children between three and seven, i instructed the government to accelerate all the necessary work to make that happen so that the people would not get the payments in june but june july, but already in
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the payments will be given to the families. i also call upon the government to act faster so that the information will be circulated in an expedient manner. thirdly, we need to support those who are on medical leave, who have lost their jobs. medical leaves have been calculated in regard to the salary and work experience. that's why some people do not get a lot of money when on medical leave. this is unfair. my suggestion is as follows. for the salaries to be paid for those on medical leave. should not be less than minimum wage. that will be enforced until the end of the year. russia's economy, as well as the economies of other countries are experiencing a lot of negative
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pressure because of the epidemic. as i said, we need to support those who might be affected, who might lose their jobs today, except for some categories of people, the maximum unemployment benefits are capped at 8,000 rubles per month. i say we increase that to the minimum wage, 12,000 rubles, 12,130 rubles per month. fourthly, credits, another zone of risk, of course income is shrinking and it's hard to pay your debt. sometimes impossible to pay your debt. that is why we need to introduce zero loan policy. if a person experiences a difficult situation, his or her
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income has decreased by more 30%, that person should be payments socredit that the loan will be prolonged without any punishment, any additional interest and i call upon banks to work harder to ensure that small companies and individuals can rely on these guarantees. when people have no income they should not feel they are in a deadlock. they should not be taken hostage to loans. i call upon the government and the parliament to speed up their work on introducing these changes to the legislation. small and medium sized companies, microcompanies, especially if they work in the field of services, are constricted by a number of
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difficulties. orders are shrinking, their incomes and revenues are going down. we need to challenge these companies so they'll continue working sustainably and will not have to fire anyone. it is our primary task and i call upon every employer in the country, we need to ensure stability on the labor market. there should be no increase in unemployment. the government is ready to help businesses to make that happen. those industries affected the most by this troublesome measures we will apply , small and medium-sized -- wills will be giving be given an opportunity to pay their taxes later, including v.a.t. they will pay after six months.
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as for microcompanies, they will not need to pay insurance fees for the same amount of time. as for loans, small and medium-sized companies and micro companies will be able to pay their loans further on in time. up to a six-month period. i call on the government and central bank to adopt additional measures to ensure that crediting and loan issues continue on a sustainable basis. that can be done through subsidies and governmental guarantees. companies and factories which are now in a difficult situation should be protected from bankruptcy. that is why for a period of six months we're introducing a moratorium on bankruptcy applications as well as measures related to collecting the debts
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from such companies. that is going to help those who are most affected. also the government is instructed to monitor the situation 24/7. when needed, these measures can be expanded and the number of the category of of companies can also be changed and expanded. we need to do our best to support people's income. especially those people working at small or medium-sized companies. these companies need to have additional resources to be resilient, and for that we need to lower the insurance fees for them down to 15%. that will be applied to salaries which are higher than the minimum wage level. if the salary is at the level of minimum wage, it will be the same.
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30%. and again, it's not for a couple of months. it is not an anti-crisis measure. that's a long-term plan. way we will be creating additional stimulus to companies to increase salaries of their employees. so much for insurance premiums. now another measure. interestends and all beng to offshore should subjected to fair taxes. this is why today many of the schemes existing to optimize money flows are facing the tax of 2% only while people have to
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pay 30% of income tax. that is a huge disparity, this is unfair. that is why those who would like to take the money, their dividends, outside of russia to put in foreign accounts will be -- we will be introducing a new that will require certain amendments to the double taxation agreements we have with some countries and the government is to work this out. if our foreign partners refuse to accept these terms, then russia will annul these agreets unilaterally. we will start with those countries who see the majority of resources taken out of russia. that is a blow to our economy. secondly, in many countries of the world, if we take people and their money, the investments in stocks and shares, they are
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paying taxes for that. we do not have such attacks. that is why i suggest that the people whose investments are bigger than one million rubles should be paying a tax on the money they get from us at the level of 13%. not the deposit, not the investment, but the money they get from it. the interest. i'd like to say these will be 1% of bank lines, while all of the other terms and conditions will remain at the current level, one of the most profitable today if we compare them to any other country in the world. these measures are hard but we need to do that. all the additional revenues that the budget gets from these two measures will be directed at
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financing families with children. families who lost their jobs. or those on medical leave. citizens of russia, all the be taken int will the future will work. they will be effective. if we work together. we understand all the complexity of the situation. if the government, the people will work shoulder-to-shoulder. if we do our best, we do everything within our power. then we will do it. we need to be responsible for ourselves, for our families, for those who need our help, our support. that is the solidarity we need and the society defined by that solidarity, by that readiness to
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come to others' help. that is how we respond to these challenges. thank you for your attention. >> television has changed since c-span began 41 years ago. our mission continues. to provide an unfiltered view of government. already this year we have brought you primary election coverage, the presidential impeachment process, and now the federal response to the coronavirus. you can watch all of c-span's public affairs programming on television, online, or listen on our free radio app and be part of the national conversations through c-span's daily washington journal program or our social media feed. c-span, created by private industry, america's cable television companies as a public service, and brought to you today by your television provider.
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today, house speaker nancy pelosi holds a briefing focused on the coronavirus economic stimulus bill that is expected to be considered in the house. live coverage begins at 10:45 a.m. eastern on c-span. president trump and members of the white house coronavirus task force held a briefing on the federal government's response to the pandemic. the president talked about the efforts of his administration as well as governors across the country and expressed optimism that large sections of the country might be able to reopen quicker than other parts that are more heavily impacted by the virus. treasury secretary steven mnuchin outlined the provisions included in the phase three coronavirus relief bill that the senate passed later wednesday night.


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